Frequently Asked Questions

Are your safe rooms affordable?

STORMBOX community safe rooms are the most cost effective F5/250 mph rated shelters on the market. Give us a call today to find out how easy it is to provide Near Absolute Protection for your group.

Why should I choose STORMBOX for my shelter needs?

As members of the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA), our shelters and doors have been professionally engineered, passed a 3rd party engineering review and passed the Debris Impact Test at the National Wind Institute at TX Tech. Additionally, STORMBOX has the backing of Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage – an established company with 20 plus years of providing customer service excellence.

Do I need to obtain a building permit to install my shelter?

We can contact your local building authority to determine whether a permit will be required. If so, we can assist with obtaining the permit.

Where will the shelter be installed?

Our shelters are designed to allow you maximum flexibility. We will work with you to help select the most convenient locations so that all of your people are within a safe distance to the nearest shelter.

How is my shelter delivered?

Our shelters are delivered on flatbed trailers right to your location.

Who installs my shelter?

We have installers that can install our shelters throughout tornado alley.

Do you pour the concrete for the shelter?

We can provide this service should you need it.

Is the shelter above ground or underground?

All of our shelters are installed above ground so they are more easily accessed. Most of our shelters include an ADA handicap accessible ramp.

How long will it take to install my shelter?

Most shelter projects are complete within 2 weeks.

Where can I see one of your shelters?

We have shelters in multiple locations across tornado alley. Give us a call so we can determine the closest shelter to you.

Will your shelter withstand an EF-5 tornado?

Yes. All of our shelters have been engineered to strict FEMA 361 and ICC-500 guidelines. To obtain membership in NSSA, you must provide evidence that your shelter will withstand the forces of a EF-5 tornado.

What if debris is blocking the entrance?

All of our shelters include 2 full-size, FEMA recognized doors. If debris is blocking an entrance, most likely the other door is clear. We also provide GPS locations of each STORMBOX to local Emergency Management officials. In the unlikely event both doors are blocked, they will know to check on you.

What is the warranty on your shelter?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all shelters.

Are the shelters handicapped accessible?

Yes. All of our shelters are installed above ground and most include an ADA handicap accessible ramp.

What keeps the doors closed in a tornado?

All of our safe room doors utilize a 3 point locking system. If one bolt is not in place, two others will keep the door closed.

Do you offer financing?

Yes. Give us a call so we can provide a cost estimate that will include payment terms.

Do you offer custom options?

Yes. We can provide heat & air, custom paint & logos and other finishes at competitive pricing.

Will your shelter withstand a Category 5 Hurricane?

Yes. All of our shelters have been engineered to strict FEMA 361 and ICC-500 guidelines. They have also been tested to withstand the forces of a Category 5 hurricane.